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The heat is on at KAHO SEASON 2

You are invited to KAHO SEASON 2 today,come with your friends and family. The Heat is on! At Awan-e-Qaid F9 park Islamabad. From 9:00am – 7:00 pm Entry from Mehran Gate October 5th and 6th followed by a huge musical …

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Because Art Knows No Bars and Boundaries

Alliance Francaise de Karachi hosted an art exhibition by the name of Impressionistic Art yesterday that displayed paintings made by senior students of Karachi Central Prison Fine Arts School. The exhibition of 100 pieces of art work will run till
Khwarizmi Science Society Promoting Scientific Exposure Across the Country_think twice pakistan

Khwarizmi Science Society Promoting Scientific Exposure Across the Country

Established in 1997 Khwarizmi Science Society is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting theoretical and practical knowledge of science all across the country more especially in the far flung rural areas of the country.
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Trango Towers

  Standing firm in Baltistan region Trango Towers is subrange of Karakoram Range, part of Baltoro Muztag and the world’s greatest nearly vertical drop. Located at a height of 20,608 ft. Trango Towers isa group of granite spires that have
Think Twice Pakistan is a project of Black Box Sounds

Think Twice

Welcome to the window that shows the view of a brighter side of Pakistan. The real Pakistan that traditional media has failed to show. A country that is rich in culture, hospitable at heart, full of talent, peace-loving, liberal and humanitarian.

As you look across the window you will see how Pakistani men & women today are making name for themselves in conventional and unconventional fields alike. It shows the simple life of people living in far flung areas, their capabilities and hidden talents.

We give you the real life stories that will become your window to see the real Pakistan; the Pakistan that was never seen before on TV or read about in magazines. We welcome you to this journey of exploration. We invite you to get to know Pakistan. Make sure you watch every video here and spread the word as much as you can because you know you care about Pakistan.

Think twice for Pakistan

Think twice about Pakistan

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