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Eighth Grader Against Terrorism!

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Who say innocent children cannot make a difference in society? Who say to bring a change you need to rational? Malala Yousafzai proves that change is not dependent on age, rationality or logic; all it need is honesty, freedom, passion and real desire.


When Swat was covered with the darkness of clouds of terrorism, Malala Yousafzai then a student of class 8 stood up against these terrorists to bring peace in the region. Malala Yousafzai’s vision towards life changed drastically during the three years of war of terrorism and counter insurgency. Radicals and fanatics made life difficult for every person living in the valley of Swat, schools were closed down and education was banned for girls. It was during this phase that Malala realized the importance of peace and education and resultantly she retaliated. Many Pakistanis unfortunately retaliate and rebel in a destructive way; however, the road chosen by Malala was very simple, courageous and positive.



They say that the pen is mightier than sword; Malala believing in this maxim stared writing letters to BBC. Within four months her letters gained attention of international media and became a part of Pakistani news all over and played a vital role in resumption of girls’ education in the valley.



In recognition to her efforts, Malala was bestowed with National Youth Peace award. However, it was not the award that gave satisfaction and happiness to this young girl, but it was resumption of education and peace in the valley that gratified her soul. For now Malala is focusing on studies, but aspires to bring change in country by taking part in positive politics.


Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl is the face of real Pakistan that is talented, inspiring and peace loving. This is the real Pakistan whose nationals aspire to bring peace in the homeland, recognize the importance of human rights and education and are firm believer of the ‘fact’ that Pakistan has potentional to be the greatest nation of the world.



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4 Responses to Eighth Grader Against Terrorism!

  1. H.Adams says:

    Prayers to heal the body of Malala and the heart of a nation.

  2. Kaleem Ullah says:

    I pray to Allah (swt) for Malala’s speedy recovery. She is a very special person. I am seventy years old, and wish that she was my daughter. If she comes to US America, She will be treated as my own daughter. I wish I live long enough to meet with her, If not I will advise my children to treat her as your own sister, and deal with her generously. Pakistan needs leaders like Malala who has a vision, and courage Allah may bless her and bestow His bounties on her to grow to fulfill her dream.
    Kaleem Ullah

  3. Fatima says:

    God bless Malala

  4. Dua says:

    i don’t agree with u….. bcoz hundreds of childs like MALALA die Evrey day we should raise our voice for them also…. they are also MALALA for their Parents… i preferably say its a propoganda against the Eduction…

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