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Jenaiy- Shayna Cram

Shayna Cram is a young American singer who is a strong believer that today our society cannot achieve sustainable change without equal participation by women. Music that was initially just a hobby for her, she is now using it as a medium of communication. Shayna started her musical career in Pakistan with a simple melodious song, Jenaiy. The essence of the song is as simple as the melody itself. Jenaiy is a Pashto song that directly addresses Pakistani girls asking them to recognize their strength, stand for their right, go against all the odds if required and play their role in transforming the society.


The beautiful song that is coupled with melodious sound of guitar and rubab stresses that change is inevitable; however, it is in our hands to make the change positive. Shayna Cram as an artist takes inspiration from her surroundings. This song is inspired by the tragic incident of attack on Malala Yousafzai. Shayna Cram like everyone else was equally stunned by the heinous act and to show her solidarity with Malala and many girls like her who dream to bring change, but cannot raise their voices out of fear, she wrote this song.


She considers it as her moral responsibility to use her talent positively. Being a US diplomat Shayna Cram has the privilege of travelling various parts of world and all of her music focuses on social issues like extremism, HIV/AIDS, etc. Fluent in more than five languages including English, Pashto, French, Portuguese and Spanish Shayna has songs in almost all of these languages.


Another distinguished feature of this song is the language that she chose. She could have opted for English, Urdu or any other language to make a more commercial debut, but she chose to stick with Pashto. The reason was simple, she wanted to reach the masses who are affected, she wanted to connect with people who can be the real change agents. Shayna Cram is a young ambitious, independent and socially conscious woman and she aspires all the Pakistani girls to be the same.


Jenaiy is a message of peace, hope and positivism and not only we appreciate Shayna Cram’s efforts, but we also welcome her to the music fraternity.


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2 Responses to Jenaiy- Shayna Cram

  1. Fatima says:

    What a lovely song and powerful message expressed through the universal language of music. Well done!

  2. Rahman Qureshi says:

    That should either be for English speaking audience or Pashto speaking. The combination of innocent Muslim girls moving their heads on western female voice wishing them change and hope of future shows how ugly their present really is.
    We do need an insightful change and we pray Allah to destroy Shaitan and its alloys, All its tools and all those who are playing with the innocence and honor of Muslims.

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Think Twice Pakistan is a project of Black Box Sounds

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