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Joshi: A Vibrant Mythological Cultural Event of Kalash Valley

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Kalash Valley is one of the most beautiful sites found in Pakistan. The region has a history that stretches over centuries. Undoubtedly, Kalash Valley is one of the most ancient living valleys in Pakistan today. Its inhabitants are believed to speak primevalGreek language. However, with the passage of time words from other languages have also become a part of it.


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Kalash valley is famous globally for its cheerful people, lively customs, merry making and mythology. The beautiful inhabitants of the valley enjoy every day of their life; however, four festivals are an integral part of their culture; Joshi /Chilimjusht, Uchal festival, Phoo festival and Chomos festival.


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Kalashi celebrate Joshi in the middle of May for four days to welcome spring, express gratitude to their Gods for blessings, honor the fairies they believe in and to pray for the safeguard of their livestock. The four day festival is comprises of prayers, dances, music, cooking and exchanging region’s favorite food dishes and sacrificing goat for Goddess Jestak that is believed to be protector of children and home. The festival is started by the plucking of preliminary flowering by Kalash girls and decorating of home and valley. Then comes the next phase where Kalashi travel and celebrate the festival according to the religious guidelines. With the journey starting from Rumbur and ending at Birir the festival is covered by travelling four distant places (Rumbur, Malosh altar, Bumboret and Birir). Different religious ceremonies are held at every place that is accompanied with folk music and dance performances.


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People residing in valley of Kalash arebelieved to be the descendants of Alexander’s army who came into this region around 327 B.C. Ever since, these people have never stepped out of these valleys and are living their lives according to the customs of matriarchal society. Their rituals, habits and queer customs bewitch tourists from all parts of Pakistan and all over the world.


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