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Sir Anwar Pervez: A Unique Case of Brain Circulation


Sir Anwar Pervez is a Pakistani-English businessman who started his career in 1963 with a convenience store. However, his continuous struggle, hard work and dedication towards the goal made his small business grew and become a large empire. Today he chairs Bestway Groups that is a company worth billions of pounds. According to an estimate the average revenue that the company earns annually is around £ 2.2 billion. Today Bestway Group is one of the UK’s top five cash and carry operator. Sir Anwar Pervez is a unique case of brain circulation. Though, he left the country when he was 21, but unlike other cases of brain drain his departure didn’t cause much harm to the country. Today Bestway Group has its extension in Pakistan as well. The company operates in Pakistan under the flagship of Bestway and is the second largest cement producing company of the country. Not only this, he also owns Pakistan’s third largest bank- United Bank Limited (UBL) and is regarded as Pakistan’s biggest overseas investor with more than $ 1 billion investment in the country. His vision made the long lossmaking public sector bank a three time winner for Largest Corporate Finance House award by CFA Pakistan within couple of years.

Sir Anwar Pervez, as he himself says, is enthusiastic about serving Pakistan and wants to everything in his capacity for development of the country. Sir Anwar Pervez has assisted Pakistani government at crucial times in history of Pakistan e.g. October 2005 earthquakes. His foundation gave more than Rs. 1 million in charity for the rehabilitation of the effectees. Bestway Foundation a philanthropic organization founded by Sir Anwar Pervez gave Rs. 5 million to Pakistani government during 2010 floods in Pakistan.

In recognition to his services Sir Anwar Pervez has been honored with Hilal-e-Pakistan and Sitara-e-Pakistan by the Pakistani government; whereas, UK government honored him with knighthood, Order of British Empire (OBE) and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. He is also honored by Queen of England for his outstanding contributions for Great Britain.



He has constantly won numerous awards at many other global forums too like EMMA Business Personality of the year (1999), Asian businessman of the year (2001), Barclays Business & Commerce Excellence Award (2003), Asian Achievers Award (2004),  Grocer Cup for Outstanding Business Achievement (2005), GG2 Entrepreneur of the Year (2006) and much more. He today is undoubtedly one of the most seasoned businessmen in the industry and a sheer pride for the country.




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5 Responses to Sir Anwar Pervez: A Unique Case of Brain Circulation

  1. Awesome !!! he is a role model for me !!!!

  2. Usman Durrani says:

    Bestway is the best recommended cement in pakistan introduced by sir Anwar Pervez.

  3. Subhan Sunny says:

    Pride of Pakistan !!!

  4. aliraza says:

    true pakistani… proud of you SIR!!!

  5. Ammar says:

    We need people like him…….great person :)

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